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 flo User Manager 2
Manage network accounts with ease

Updates and fixes

Version 2.1

  • Added ability to delete contents of a user account's profile path when the account is deleted.
  • Added a tool to select accounts of users who are logged onto the network.
  • Minor amendments to online help.
  • Added new Active-Desktop style domain view with option to revert to Classic view if required.
  • Fixed bug in Select Domain command.  Previously selected an already open domain incorrectly opened a second window for the same domain.
  • Added tool to copy files to the home folders of user accounts.
  • Added tool to check the home folders of user accounts.
  • Added option to display user templates (or not) with other accounts.
  • Added option to store user account passwords in PASSWRDS.INI (expansion of previous ability to store only user template passwords).
  • User and Group export tools combined into one.
  • Machines accounts can be listed.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on a user accounts allows in-line editing (renaming) even when renaming is not possible.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a non-existent account produces a "does not exist" error.
  • Delayed loading of DLLS introduced.
  • Fixed bug which incorrectly referred to username in the Group Export dialog.
  • Fixed bug where searching for an extension and the extension is stored in lower case, the file would not be flagged.
  • Fixed various bugs associated with (de)selecting the primary group for a user.
  • Fixed bug where during export, the fullname is the same of the description.
  • Fixed bug where adding extra printer credits for multiple users causes accumulation of extra credits for each user in turn.
  • Fixed bug where changes to user property Restrictions did not produce a "tick" in the status dialog.
  • Fixed bug where during import, full name is converted to upper case irrespective of account case setting.
  • Fixed bug where checking permissions always checked subfolders irrespective of option setting.
  • Fixed various bugs when setting user properties.

Last released version - due to be replaced by version 3.  No further development will occur.

Frequently asked questions

None at present.

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