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StopIt 2
The Print Job Management System

Updates and fixes

Version 2.33

  • Fixed bug in Administration module if domain is mirrored and principal PDC is not a StopIt server.

Last released version - now replaced by version 3.  No further development will occur.

Version 2.32

  • HP PCL6 page counter added - this is automatically used if the HP/HPGL page counter is used for a printer queue.

Version 2.31

  • StopIt Setup checks for existence of C$, D$, etc. shares when installing a new StopIt server.
  • Fixed bug in Administration module which caused Quick Credits to GPF.
  • Fixed bug in Scan module which caused 100% processor use in various unusual circumstances.
  • Permissions for the Everyone account was now reduced to Change, not removed entirely.
  • Removed suppression of the failure to read FLO.INI message when selecting users from a domain view in the Administration module.

Version 2.28

  • Fixed bug in Administration module reporting which stopped subsequent servers being checked for events if a server did not hold any events for a single user or printer queue.
  • Fixed bug in Credit Check which incorrectly reports that a user is unable to print when auto-quotaing is switched off.

Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to version 2.33.

Frequently asked questions

Jobs are not moved from the In queue to the Out queue.

Check that the permissions on the Spool folder (by default, %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Spool\Printers) has at least Change (Modify) permission for the StopIt user account.

The StopIt user account is granted membership of the Domain Admins group, so the permissions will normally be correct.

StopIt was working fine this morning, but now it isn't.

Although this sounds very vague, this type of "error" is heard on occasions. Generally, it is likely that the problem is not with StopIt, but that something has changed in the way your network is configured. Work out what has been changed, however minor.

The most common problem with this that one or more of the In Queues have been released. For StopIt to work correctly, you must make sure that the relevant In Queues are permanently paused.

With the LAN Manager version, if you log onto the Scan station using the ADMIN username and then change the ADMIN password, StopIt may behave in an unpredictable fashion. Try rebooting the Scan station and logging on again with the new password.

You get a message telling you that a DLL is not initializing or available when running the Administration module, Sysmess or Credit Check.

The wrong DLLs are being loaded by the program. Ensure that you are running the correct versions of each program for the relevant operating system. Each program looks for the DLL files in the Windows system directory, the program directory and then current working directory. It is possible that you have the wrong DLLs in the wrong directory. If in doubt delete all FLOLIB*.DLL files and reinstall the workstation files.

Why isn't the Add or Edit Queues dialog box displayed in the Administration module when selected?

You have not installed the Administration module from that workstation. Install again and the relevant files will be copied to the workstation's hard drive.

You want to select a different server on a different domain but can't!

Make sure that the relevant domain view is available from the Administration module Window menu. If not use Select Domain from the Users menu.

Why isn't a server listed for an In queue?

Make sure that you have installed StopIt server files on the particular server and that it is available in the domain.

You want to print to an Out queue on a different domain but it isn't working.

You must have a StopIt user with the same password as the forwarding domain.

Why are some print jobs counted incorrectly?

Make sure that the correct type of page counter has been selected. If the page counter is correct, try using a different printer driver, possibly one of the "standard" printer drivers. For PCL / HPGL printers try using an appropriate HP LaserJet driver and for Postscript printers try using an Apple LaserWriter driver.

If you have a PostScript printer allowing the sending of compressed print jobs, ensure that you select the relevant Advanced option (from the Add/Edit Queue window) for the queue as otherwise pages will not be counted correctly.

One copy of a job is sent, but two are printed.

Make sure that the relevant In Queue is paused. It must be permanently paused for StopIt to work correctly.

Why can't a StopIt Operator view or set credits for a particular user?

Choose Check Permissions from the Users menu when running the Administration module on an NT Workstation or NT Server. This is due to it being impossible to set permissions correctly on the FLO.INI file from a Windows 3.x or 95 workstation for a user with a home directory held on an NT Server.

We use a different spool folder for each printer queue.

Windows NT/2000 allows you to configure each printer queue to have a separate spool folder by editing values in the registry.

This is a known issue: StopIt does not work if you use this configuration.

On my LAN Manager network, why is a job scanned by more than one scan station?

This is probably because you haven't set a specific workstation to scan each queue. When you have only one scan station, there is no need to specific the name of the workstation to scan each queue. As soon as you have more than one scan station, it is vital that you specify a workstation for every monitored queue. This is done using the Administration module by selecting the Scan workstation option (from the Add/Edit Queue window).

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