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StopIt 1.x
The Print Job Management System

Updates and fixes

This product was superseded by version 2 and now by version 3. No further development will occur.

It would only be worthwhile installing if you have a Microsoft LAN Manager domain and are unable to upgrade.  In these circumstances, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Why are some print jobs counted incorrectly?

Make sure that the correct type of page counter has been selected. If the page counter is correct, try using a different printer driver, possibly one of the "standard" printer drivers. For PCL / HPGL printers try using an appropriate HP LaserJet driver and for Postscript printers try using an Apple LaserWriter driver.

If you have a PostScript printer allowing the sending of compressed print jobs, ensure that you select the relevant Advanced option (from the Add/Edit Queue window) for the queue as otherwise pages will not be counted correctly.

StopIt was working fine this morning, but now it isn't. Any ideas?

Although this sounds very vague, this type of "error" is heard on occasions. Generally, it is likely that the problem is not with StopIt, but that something has changed in the way your network is configured. Work out what has been changed, however minor.

For instance, if you log onto the Scan station using the ADMIN username and then change the ADMIN password, StopIt may behave in an unpredictable fashion. Try rebooting the Scan station and logging on again with the new password.

The most problem is that one or more of the In Queues have been released. For StopIt to work correctly, you must make sure that the relevant In Queues are permanently paused.

I have recently added users to my network, but credits are not deducted when they print.

You have not used the Administration module to add the users to StopIt. With this version of StopIt, you must maintain a separate database of users. Every time you add or delete a user in a domain, you must do the same in StopIt.

This problem has been eliminated with StopIt 2 which uses the domain database.

One copy of a job is sent, but two are printed.

Make sure that the relevant In Queue is paused. It must be permanently paused for StopIt to work correctly.

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