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 flo MaxLogons
Prevent use of multiple workstations by users

Updates and fixes

Version 1.2

  • New Windows 2000/XP version to resolve problem locating a domain controller in an Active Directory domain.

Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your Windows NT/2000/XP version of Flo MaxLogons to version 1.2. This will be free for recent purchasers.

Frequently asked questions

I can't get MaxLogons to stop users from logging on more than once.

You should install Flo MaxLogons by following the installation notes supplied with the product.  If you find that Flo MaxLogons is not stopping users from logging on more than once, the following suggestions may help.

Check that you have created the group Flo MaxLogons correctly.  The space in the name is crucial.

If you are using RM Connect 2.x and have modified the RM Connect Welcome screen, you will need to modify the registry fragment which must be applied to your workstations.  Please contact us for further information on this.

For Flo MaxLogons to work, your users must be members of the group Flo MaxLogons, have home folders and persistent connections to their respective home folders.

My users are being prevented from logging on, even though they are not logged on at any workstation.

Flo MaxLogons looks for user sessions on the server which holds their home folder.  If one exists for the user logging on, and they are a member of the Flo MaxLogons group, they are denied a second logon.  When the user logs off, the session on the server is cancelled by Windows.

If users are being prevented from logging on then the network still believes they are logged on.  It may be that they are turning the workstation off, rather than logging off, or that the workstation has crashed.  In this case, the session will eventually time out, allowing them to log on normally.

If users are logging off normally then it's a network issue you will have to take up with your network support team.  You will need to ask why sessions are not cancelled when a user logs off.

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