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The Computerised Booking System

Updates and fixes

Version 2.59

  • Users incorrectly receive a message "You cannot book days/weeks in the past" when they try to make a booking.  Fixed.

Version 2.58

  • Bookings by current user now highlighted in different colour.
  • New Find Free Booking command added.
  • Progress bar as program loads.
  • Form components can have colours set by BOOKIT.INI settings.
  • Fixed bug which sometimes blanked bookings in the the current form when using Add/Edit Form command.
  • "Rows are Days" option now works correctly for Sundays.

Version 2.56

  • Fixed bug in Statistics command which caused recent versions of BookIt to terminate unexpectedly when options in the Statistics window are confirmed by clicking on OK.

Version 2.55

  • New timeout options added which allow the Administrator to define which types of users are subject to timeout within BookIt.

Version 2.54

  • BookIt is now compatible with DFS on Active Directory domains.  Previously, BookIt assumed that the domain controller holding the PDC emulator role would always be available.
  • The default form (set in BOOKIT.INI) can be overridden by a command line option (allowing multiple shortcuts to be created, each specifying a different default form).

Version 2.5

  • BookIt Administrators group added.
  • Booking in past forms can be restricted.
  • Booking in future forms can be restricted.
  • A information message can be displayed above each form.

Version 2.0

  • Removal of the separate user database - BookIt now uses the standard network user database.
  • The user interface redesigned.
  • Application converted to 32 bit code.

Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to version 2.55. This will be free for purchasers or v2.5 or later.

Frequently asked questions

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