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 flo User Manager 2
Manage network accounts with ease

Flo User Manager allows you to manage the user and group accounts on your network with increased efficiency, allowing you to perform common tasks with the minimum of fuss.

Flo User Manager 3 will be available shortly.  This is specifically designed to work with Active Directory but also also include all the functionality of version 2 as well as various new features (such as access to StopIt 3 quotas).

Key Benefits

Creates and configures new accounts with only a handful of mouse clicks. This includes creating the home folder, sharing it, setting the permissions and copying any standard files you want there.

New accounts can be created in bulk from a file. Existing accounts can also be deleted in a similar way.
When user accounts are deleted, files in the home folder can be archived automatically.
Allows you to scan home folders for files containing material which you judge to be unwanted, for example executable files, those with "illegal" file extensions (eg. GIF, JPG) and file names and contents which contain words of a questionable nature!
Allows you to send messages to selected users, members of groups or everyone.
Links with StopIt 2 and NetSpace if these are available.
Creates and configures Microsoft Exchange¹ mailboxes for individual user accounts.²

Multiple user template accounts.²

Allows you to copy files to the home folders of selected user accounts.²
Check integrity of user accounts. (Do they have an accessible home folder? Are the accounts enabled?)²
Passwords for user accounts can be stored and subsequently read by Flo User Manager

¹ Not Microsoft Exchange 2000 or later.
² New features in version 2.

System Requirements

Windows NT Server and Workstation 3.51 or later (4.0 recommended), including Windows 2000 or XP Professional.
Flo User Manager will work with Windows 2000 domains though it will not use the Active Directory.

Intel or compatible processor and at least 64MB of free RAM.

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