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StopIt 3
The Quota Management System

Supports Active Directory

This product is no longer being developed since it is not compatible with Windows Server (64 bit).

Take control of printing and users' home folder use on your network!

StopIt 3 allows you to see what and how much is being printed, by whom and when. In addition, it can prevent users from printing unless they have sufficient printer credits in their account for each page they want to print.

StopIt 3 also monitors the disk space taken by each user's files in their home folder. When the allotted space is reached, the user is asked to delete or move files.

StopIt 3 combines the functionality of StopIt 2 and NetSpace and builds on them to provide the one of the best quota management system available.

Key Benefits

Control of Printing:

Allows you to generate reports about printed and deleted jobs. These can be categorised by user, group or queue and for a specified period of time if desired.

Report macros let you recreate reports quickly.
With two connected domains, each having the same users, only one printer credit setting is needed for each user.
Can enforce extra restrictions (eg. maximum number of pages) on each printer queue.
Quotas can be given to individual users, a selection of users or those who are members of particular groups.
Easy configuration to allow setting of quotas by a Help Desk.
Users can see their print credit balance and home folder usage at logon and may check it at any time.
Message can be sent to a user if a job is printed or deleted, or if they are over the home folder allocation.

Version 3 includes several new features:

Quota allocations can be scheduled to be carried out automatically.
Reports can be scheduled to be generated automatically.
Users can request quota changes.

Documents which are printed several times in succession by a user can be deleted automatically.
Documents which have not been saved prior to printing can be deleted automatically.
Extra credits can be charged for large pages (eg. A3) or use of colour.
Fewer credits can be charged for duplex jobs.
Credits can be assigned to individual printer queues, or groups of printers.

Control of Disk Space:

Ensures that users cannot use vast quantities of server hard disk space.

Allows the automatic disabling of accounts if persistently over quota.

Users are granted a definable number of grace logons before their accounts are disabled.
Allows each user to be allocated a maximum disk space.
Allows the Network Administrator to set home folder size by user, group membership or for all users.

System Requirements

Fully compatible with Active Directory and Windows NT Server 4.0 and any mixture of the two.  The Active Directory version supports Windows 2000, 2003, 2003 R2, and 2008.

Works with Adobe PostScript, HP compatible (including PCL6), Epson compatible (9 pin, 24 pin and ESC/P2, ESC/Page), IBM Proprinter compatible, Tally TCPL, Canon BubbleJet and some Minolta QMS printers.
Works with printers connected to servers, Intel LANSpool, HP JetDirect and shared printers on workstations (Windows 95/98,  Windows NT workstations, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 workstations).
The Administration module can be run on any Windows workstation or server (NT4.0 SP6a or later).
The service modules (necessary for StopIt to work) require Intel based servers.
Microsoft DAO 3.5 must be installed on each StopIt server and all workstations.  (This a free component supplied with the product.)

* A 64 bit version is currently in development, so StopIt does not currently fully support printer quotas on 64 bit operating systems.

A free evaluation copy is available for download. It is a full version, except that only quotas on the FLOTEST1 account will be checked.

StopIt 3 requires Microsoft DAO 3.5 to work.  It must be installed on each server and workstation on which StopIt is installed.  If you do not have it installed on these, you can download it here.  This link includes the standard Microsoft DAO setup program and a DAO MSI package for Microsoft Active Directory networks.

StopIt Administrator uses the FarPoint Spread control to display various tables of information.  This is installed as part of StopIt Setup, but can be distributed using an MSI package on Microsoft Active Directory networks if required.

Comments about StopIt

"We have noticed a serious reduction in the amount of paper wastage...
...a valuable resource to any school or college."

Dave Griffiths, University of Gloucester, England

"We've gone from 22,000 pages printed every week to only 11,000 since installing StopIt."
Dave Laker, Basildon College, England


StopIt 3 is licensed as follows.

Description Normal Price Education Price
Server Licence (per server) 300.00
(352.50 inc VAT)
(293.75 inc VAT)
Client Access Licence (per workstation) 1.00
(1.18 inc VAT)
(1.18 inc VAT)
Upgrade for Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 Server support (for existing customers only) 120.00
(141.00 inc VAT)
(117.50 inc VAT)

This product is supplied with free lifetime support.

Secondary Schools only need to purchase 1 Server Licence for their site, plus whatever Client Access Licences are required.  For these purposes, a Secondary School is defined as an institution with the majority of students aged between 11 and 16.

If you have previously bought a copy of StopIt 2, you are entitled to upgrade with 20% reduction on server and client access licences and any support contract purchased at the time of upgrade.

All prices are in sterling. Products will be delivered via email whenever possible.  Media are available upon request. Official government and education orders accepted. Payments must be made in sterling and within 28 days of invoice date. Please email us for current prices outside the UK.

To order this product, please contact us with your requirements.

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