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StopIt 2.3
The Print Job Management System

This product has been replaced by StopIt 3 and is no longer available for purchase.

Take control of printing on your network!

StopIt allows you to see what and how much is being printed, by whom and when. In addition, it can prevent users from printing unless they have sufficient printer credits in their account for each page they want to print.

Key Benefits

Allows you to generate reports about printed and deleted jobs. These can be categorised by user, group or queue and for a specified period of time if desired. User view

Report macros let you recreate reports quickly.
With two connected domains, each having the same users, only one printer credit setting is needed for each user.
Can enforce extra restrictions (eg. maximum number of pages) on each printer queue.
Large pages (ie. A3 size) are automatically counted as two pages.
Credits can be given to individual users, a selection of users or those who are members of particular groups.
Easy configuration to allow setting of credits by a Help Desk.
Users can see their print credit balance at logon and may check it at any time.
Message can be sent to a user if a job is printed or deleted.

Report Generator

System Requirements

Works with Windows NT Server and LAN Manager networks and any mixture of the two.
Although StopIt was not written for Windows 2000 Server, it does work though with some restrictions.  StopIt does not support Active Directory or DFS.  If you use DFS, StopIt will not work on your network.  A new version, StopIt 3, designed for Windows 2000 Server will be available soon.

Works with Adobe PostScript, HP compatible (now including PCL6), Epson compatible (9 pin, 24 pin and ESC/P2), IBM Proprinter compatible, Canon BubbleJet and Integrex Colourjet printers.
Works with printers connected to servers, Intel LANSpool, HP JetDirect and shared printers on workstations (Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98,  Windows NT workstations and Windows 2000 workstations).
The Administration module can be run on any Windows workstation with at least 4MB of RAM.
For Windows 2000 Server or NT Server, the page counter runs as a service on each Intel based server. StopIt requires at least one Intel based server in a domain.
For LAN Manager, StopIt requires a dedicated workstation (any Intel based machine) for page counting.
Every network user must have an individual home folder.

Comments about StopIt

"We have noticed a serious reduction in the amount of paper wastage...
...a valuable resource to any school or college."
Dave Griffiths, University of Gloucester, England, in RM User review

"We've gone from 22,000 pages printed every week to only 11,000 since installing StopIt."
Dave Laker, Basildon College, England

"StopIt has revolutionised my working life!"
Heather King, Writtle College, England

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