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Grass for Windows
A simple-to-use database program for schools

Produced in association with Newman Software, Grass is a completely new version of the original program. The result is an uncomplicated, but fully featured, database ideal for teaching the concepts and use of databases in schools. For UK schools, the program is intended for Key Stages 2 to 4.

Full on-line help and easy-to-follow user guide.

The main database window

The number of records and fields are limited only by memory.
Form and table view.
Comprehensive graphing facilities.
Fully configurable (advanced facilities can be turned off).

Loads existing Grass and Grasshopper files as well as files created by most popular database and spreadsheet programs.
Fully network compatible.

Any version of Windows.

Please note that this is a 16 bit application and has the restrictions inherent with such software.  However, it continues to function normally with all versions of Windows.

A free evaluation copy is available for download. It is a full version, except that you cannot print and can only save databases with a small number of records.

Count graphPie chart

Description Normal Price Education Price
Single user 49
(57.58 inc VAT)
(57.58 inc VAT)
Site licence
(pupils 11 years old or less)
- 49
(57.58 inc VAT)
Site licence
(pupils 11 years old or more)
- 99
(116.33 inc VAT)

This product is supplied with free lifetime support.

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