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BookIt and Sysmess - 64 bit versions

64 bit versions of these products are now available for a small upgrade fee.

November 2010

StopIt 3 - Windows 2008 Support

If you wish to use StopIt 3 on a domain including Windows 2008 or Windows 2008 R2 servers, particularly if you want to install the StopIt service modules on one of these servers, you will need a chargeable update which is now available.  Without the update, StopIt 3 will function normally on Windows 2000/2003 servers but will not "see" any 2008 or later servers.  Please see the StopIt 3 section for pricing, but note that StopIt is currently still only a 32 bit product and can only run on 64 bit server operating systems with some restrictions.
May 2010

Flo User Manager - 64 bit version

We are currently preparing a 64 bit version of Flo User Manager for use on 64 bit versions of Windows such as Windows Server 2008 R2.  Anyone purchasing Flo User Manager 3 after 1st January 2010 will qualify for a free upgrade to this new version when it is released.
March 2010

StopIt 3.21

StopIt version 3.21 is now available.  This includes a few new features and will be available free to existing sites who have a Support Contract and new purchases.  Sites without a Support Contract should contact us to discuss an upgrade price which will depend on the size of your site and the current version you have.

For an overview of all our current products, including Flo User Manager 3, you can download a copy of our promotion leaflet.

Website Design

We have designed a number of websites for a variety of customers.  Our websites follow the same design principles that we use for our software.  Essentially: keep it simple, but make it nice to look at too.  If we can help you, please get in touch for a sensible quote!

For examples of some of the websites we have done, you may wish to browse the following:

Bristol Slavery
Describes the City of Bristol and its links with the transatlantic slave trade.
British Army Cap Badges
Designed to showcase some of the items available to collectors of British Army cap badges from a dealer in Bristol.
Carols of Bath
A florist in Bath.  The website was commissioned to be very simple which is what they got! This business is now no longer operating due to the owner selling the business as a going concern.
Elm Farm
This farm is on the edge of a small hamlet called Burnett, near Keynsham.  The website describes the facilities the farm offers to the local inhabitants, especially those interested in the local wildlife and fauna.

European Play and Learn
The European Play and Learn project is a Comenius Project funded by the Bristish Council and the European Union.  The project involved eight schools in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Poland working together as partners to explore how playground games and using the outdoor environment of the school for teaching helps children develop important skills. This website was commissioned to act as a shop-window for their activities.
Fry's Hockey Club
A largely database driven website which allows the club's fixtures and results to be updated quickly.
A florist's website who specialises in flowers for weddings and funerals and corporate works.
Temple Court, Keynsham
A privately owned complex of 26 leasehold units situated between Bristol and Bath.  This website is maintained by the owner, with ongoing assistance from Flo Computer Services as requested.
Wellsway School
A large website for a secondary school containing several thousand pages, the vast majority of which are database generated.
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