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Flo Computer Services provide straightforward solutions to problems with network management and control. For over ten years we have prided ourselves on producing excellent products with first class support.

   flo User Manager 3
Allows you to manage the user and group accounts on your network with increased efficiency, allowing you to perform common tasks with the minimum of fuss.

Allows network user to receive messages sent by the Network Administrator.

Allows you to use encryption to protect the information on your computer and manage your passwords securely.

Allows you to audit and control printing and home folder sizes on your network. It allows you see what and how much is being printed, by whom and when. In addition, it can prevent users from printing unless they have sufficient printer credits in their account for each page they want to print.
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Do you have to book computers, rooms, the video camera or the minibus by trudging to the office and filling in a form?

BookIt allows you to make bookings for this week, next week or even next year from any workstation on your network.

   flo MaxLogons
Prevents users from logging onto too many workstations at the same time.

An uncomplicated, but fully featured, database ideal for teaching the concepts and use of databases in schools.

   flo Logoff
Displays Logoff and Shutdown buttons in the corner of the desktop.


For an overview of our current products, you can download a copy of our promotion leaflet.

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